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TIER 1 - Premier Teams

BOYS U13 (2007)

Mountain United Football Club 2007

Thompson Okanagan Football Club 2007 Boys

Vancouver Island Wave 2007 Boys 

Fraser Valley Premier 2007 Boys

Surrey United Soccer Club U13 Boys BCSPL 

Coastal FC 07 Boys BCSPL

BOYS U14 (2006)

St Albert Impact 2006 Boys

Mountain United Football Club 2006

Surrey United Soccer Club  2006 Boys 

Thompson Okanagan Football Club 2006 Boys

Scottish United Boys 2006 PDP

Vancouver Island Wave 2006 Boys Team


Fraser Valley Premier 2006 Boys

Fusion FC 2006 Boys

BOYS U15 (2005) 

Internazional Soccer Club of Edmonton

Edmonton Scottish SC 2005 Boys

Juventus Boys 2005x

Calgary West Soccer Club U15 A

Mountain United Football Club 2005

Thompson Okanagan FC 2005 Boys

Calgary Foothills FC 15

Vancouver Island Wave 2005 Boys Team

Fraser Valley Premier 2005 Boys

Coastal FC 2005

Surrey United Soccer Club 2005 Boys

St Albert Impact 2005

Fusion FC 2005 Boys 

BOYS U16 (2004) 

Mountain United Football Club 2004

Thompson Okanagan FC 2004 Boys

Calgary Foothills FC 16

Vancouver Island Wave 2004 Boys 

Fraser Valley Premier 2004 Boys

Coastal FC U16 Boys BCSPL

Surrey United Soccer Club 2004 BCSPL Boys

Fraser Valley Selects 04 

Calgary Blizzard Soccer Club  04 

Missoula Strikers Black 

BOYS U17 (2003)/U18 (2002) 

LA Galaxy South Bay

Mountain United Football Club 2003

Thompson Okanagan Football Club 2003 Boys

Surrey Guildford United 03

Edmonton Scottish SC U17T1B

Calgary Foothills U17 GEN

Calgary Foothills FC 17

Chinooks FC Arsenal

Vancouver Island Wave 2003 Boys 

Fraser Valley Premier 2003 Boys

Coastal FC 2003 Boys Premier

Surrey United Soccer Club 2003 Boys

Faly Academy U17

St Albert Impact 2003 Boys

Mountain United Football Club 2002

TSS Rovers U18 Boys

Thompson Okanagan Football Club 2002 Boys

Coastal FC 02 BCSPL Boys

Fraser Valley Premier 2002 Boys

Surrey United 2002 Boys

Faly Academy U18 

Missoula Strikers Red 

GIRLS U13 (2007) 

Mountain United Football Club 2007

Thompson Okanagan Football Club 2007 Girls

Vancouver Island Wave 2007 Girls 

Fraser Valley Premier 2007 Girls

Coastal FC BCSPL 07 Girls

Surrey United U13 2007 Girls 

GIRLS U14 (2006)

Internazionale 06 Girls

Mountain United Football Club G-2006

Surrey United BCSPL 2006G

Calgary Foothills WFC 14 Girls

Thompson Okanagan Football Club 2006 Girls

Edmonton Scottish SC PDP Holt

Vancouver Island Wave 2006 Girls 

Fraser Valley Premier 2006 Girls

Coastal FC BCSPL U14

Edmonton Warriors Soccer Club

Fusion Football Club 

GIRLS U15 (2005) 

Edmonton Scottish United 2005 Girls 

Warriors S.C. '05

Mountain United Football Club 2005

Surrey United Soccer Club BCSPL 2005G

Thompson Okanagan Football Club 2005 Girls

Calgary Foothills WFC 15

Coastal FC - 05F

Vancouver Island Wave 2005 

Fraser Valley Premier 2005 Girls

St Albert Impact 2005 Girls

Aurora Football Club 2005G OPDL

Calgary South West United Premiers 05 

Fusion FC 

GIRLS U16 (2004) 

Valour FC Elite Girls 

Mountain United Football Club 2004

Surrey United Soccer Club 04G

Calgary Foothills WFC 16

Thompson Okanagan FC 2004 Girls

Coastal FC 2004 HPL Girls

Vancouver Island Wave 2004 Girls 

Fraser Valley Premier 2004 Girls

Calgary South West United Premiers G04 

GIRLS U17 (2003) / U18 (2002) 

Valour FC Elite Girls 

Surrey United Soccer Club BCSPL 03girls

Mountain United Football Club 2003

Thompson Okanagan FC 2003 Girls

Calgary Blizzard Soccer Club SC03

Edmonton Scottish United 03 Girls

Coastal FC 03F

Unionville-Milliken Strikers GU17

Vancouver Island Wave 2003 

Fraser Valley Premier 2003 Girls

TSS Rovers U17 Girls 

Fusion FC 

Calgary Foothills WFC17

Mountain United Football Club2002

Thompson Okanagan FC 2002 Girls

Surrey United Soccer Club 2002G

Fraser Valley Premier 2002 Girls

Missoula Strikers Red 2002G

TIER 2 - Metro Teams


BOYS U14 (2006)

UBC Okanagan Junior Heat

Premier Academy U14

Calgary South West United Premiers 07 

BOYS U15 (2005) 

Port Moody Soccer Club

Faly academy

MSB United Soccer Club 

U15 Boys Vancouver Island Riptide 

Foothills 15 

CCB Elite 05

BOYS U16 (2004) 

Premier Academy U16

Port Moody Soccer Club 04 AC Selects

Vernon United 2004 Boys

Calgary Foothills16 BU16

Surrey United Soccer Club 04's

West Vancouver Football Club Rangers

Whitecaps Academy 04B White

Whitecaps Academy 04B Blue

BOYS U17 (2003) /U18 (2002) 

Delta Coastal Selects U17 Boys

Premier Academy U18

MSB United Soccer Club U17 Premiers

03 Fraser Valley Selects

Port Moody Soccer Club  '03 AC Selects

Upper Island Storm U18B

Kelowna United U18 boys

U18 Boys Vancouver Island Riptide 

Whitecaps Academy 02B Blue

Whitecaps Academy 02B White

GIRLS U14 (2006)/ U15(2005)

Edmonton Scottish SC 

Upper Island Riptide 

UBC Okanagan Junior Heat

North Shore Girls Soccer Club Metro Renegades

Timberwolves Girls Academy U15

Victoria Soccer Club U15 Girls Team

GIRLS U16 (2004) 

UBC Okanagan Junior Heat

Calgary Foothills 16

Richmond Strikers 

Vancouver Island Riptide 2004G 

Whitecaps Academy 04G Blue 

Whitecaps Academy 04G White

GIRLS U17 (2003)/U18 (2002) 

Sherwood Park Phoenix 2003 Girls

Port Moody Soccer Club Velocity

Burnaby District Metro Soccer 03 Barca

Timberwolves Girls Academy

Kelowna United U17 Girls 

UBC Okanagan Junior Heat

U18G Vancouver Island Riptide 

Upper Island Storm U18G

Whitecaps Academy 02G