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Since 2012 E11even Management Inc. has been an industry leader in club, event, league, and player management. We are a boutique soccer advisory firm with well known, and experienced soccer professionals at all levels (professional, national, college/university, community) of the game.


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College Fit Finder

What is College Fit Finder?

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E11even Management Inc. and the SX College Showcase are pleased to partner with College Fit Finder. 


The SX College Showcase will be using College Fit Finder to create a profile book for college scouts. By registering for the showcase you agree to upload a minimum profile of all of your players into the system. Teams who do not upload player profiles will not be included in the schedule. 


College Fit Finder has the #1 college recruiting technology in the marketplace. Including services such as: 

  • Custom Player & Team Profiles 

  • College Search and Information 

  • Educational Tutorials (Videos)

  • Many More Features...!

College Fit Finder combines education and information, with the ability to create custom profiles with the click of a button. Student-athletes can research schools and communicate with coaches with ease. All of your recruiting needs are in one place!


With the partnership all players and teams will have three (3) month access to the following: 


  • Creation of team and player profiles (mandatory so that profiles can be shared with college coaches)

  • Access to video editing technology 

  • Education tutorial videos 

  • Extensive college search function


Access to College Fit Finder will be as follows: 


  • All teams will receive a form to fill out upon registration. This form is MANDATORY for all teams to complete in order for accounts to be set up and profiles to be created 

  • There will be two upload periods. Teams who register and submit their form prior to this deadline with have longer access to the program. 

    • Feb 15, 2019 

    • March 31, 2019

  • All temporary accounts will remain active until May 15, 2019, after which time clubs/teams can decide if they would like to carry on with a subscription.